Professor LAM, Wai
Office : Room 709B, William M.W. Mong Eng. Bld.
Tel : (852) 3943-8306
Email :


Wai Lam received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. He obtained his BSc. and M.Phil. degrees from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. After completing his Ph.D. degree, he conducted research at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and the University of Iowa. He joined The Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he is currently a professor.

His research interests include intelligent information retrieval, text mining, digital library, machine learning, and knowledge-based systems. He has published articles in IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, ACM Transactions on Information Systems, etc.

His research projects have been funded by the Hong Kong SAR Government General Research Fund (GRF) and DARPA (USA). He also managed industrial projects funded by Innovation and Technology Fund (industrial grant) and IT companies.

Research Interests

  • Text Mining and Machine Learning
  • Intelligent Information Retrieval
  • Web Mining
  • Natural Language Processing





  • Yi LIAO (PhD, 2013~)
  • Bei SHI (PhD, 2014~)
  • Piji LI (PhD, 2014~)
  • Xinshi LIN (PhD, 2015~)
  • Xin LI (PhD, 2016~)
  • Qian YU (PhD, 2016~)
  • Tao WANG (PhD, 2016~)
  • Zihao FU (PhD, 2017~)
  • Kwun Ping LAI (M.Phil)
  • Zihao WANG (RA)


  • Yinqing XU (Yunfeng Financial Group)
  • Mohammad Shoaib JAMEEL (Cardiff University)
  • Lidong BING (AI Lab, Tencent Inc.)
  • Tak Lam WONG (The Hong Kong Institute of Education)
  • Ki Cecia CHAN (HKUST)
  • Chunliang LU
  • Bo CHEN (Ant Financial Services Group)
  • Xiaofeng YU (HP Labs China)
  • Ruizhang HUANG (Guizhou University)
  • Yiu Kei WU
  • On Yip Andy CHUNG (Azeus Systems Limited)
  • Ka Kau LO
  • Jiani XIONG
  • Pik Shan CHEUNG