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Title: Theoretical and Practical Findings on Mass Customization Manufacturing Systems


Speaker: Dr. Janet Efstathiou

               Reader in Engineering Science

               Department of Engineering Science

               University of Oxford


Date  :   September 6th, 2006 (Wednesday)

Time  :  4:30pm -- 5:30pm.

Venue : Room 513

             William M. Mong Engineering Building (Engineering Building II)

             The Chinese University of Hong Kong






Mass Customization poses many practical problems in the design and

operation of a facility that is capable of producing many kinds of

products to a short lead time and a low cost, in response to a customer's

request. At Oxford, we have been extending our techniques for analysing

the complexity of a manufacturing facility, defined as the amount of

information needed to know the state of the products in the facility. By

adopting a simple model, consisting of a push line, decoupling inventory

and a pull line, we have been able to estimate the information load for

each aspect of the facility. We have developed and compared a number of

different aspects for operating and managing each aspect of the facility,

including inventory location strategies and customer pre-orders. The

complexity-based analysis enables comparison of the components of the

facility and provides recommendations for the facility manager on what to

improve in order to produce the biggest impact on the complexity of the

operation. The results and findings from two case studies will be

presented and discussed.






Janet Efstathiou obtained a BA in Physics at University of Oxford,

followed by a PhD in Computing at Durham University. She is a Reader in

Engineering Science in the Department of Engineering Science, University

of Oxford. Janet founded the Manufacturing Systems Group about 10 years

ago, with interests in Mass Customization, reconfigurable systems,

facility design, scheduling and the complexity of manufacturing systems.

Dr Efstathiou is also a founding member of the Cabdyn research cluster

(Complex Agent-Based Dynamic Networks). This is a multi-disciplinary

collaboration involving colleagues from physics, business studies,

biology, computing and statistics. Recent work in this area is

investigating the structure of supply networks and dynamic networks, such

as mobile communication networks.


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