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Title:   RFID: How it works, what it's for & some examples


Speaker: Jerry Banks, Emeritus Professor

               School of Industrial and Systems Engineering

               Georgia Institute of Technology        


Date     :   November 15th, 2006 (Wednesday)

Time    :   5:00p.m. - 6:00p.m.

Venue  :   Room 513

                MMW Engineering Building(Engineering Building Complex Phase 2)







In this presentation, we answer the following questions:

How does RFID work?            What do the RFID tags do?

How did all of this start? Is there an ROI for RFID?

Why not barcodes? What industries benefit from RFID?

Are there any success stories?





Jerry Banks retired in June, 1999 as Professor, School of Industrial

and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology.

He then worked for two years as Senior Simulation Technology Advisor,

Brooks Automation, Planning and Logistics Solutions, AutoMod Product

Team.  He is currently an independent consultant.  He is the author,

co author, editor or co-editor of eleven books, one set of proceedings,

several chapters in texts, and numerous technical papers.

He is the editor of the Handbook of Simulation, published in 1998 by

John Wiley.  This book won the award for Excellence in Engineering

Handbooks from the Professional Scholarly Publishing Division of

the Association of American Publishers, Inc. He is a co author of

Discrete Event Systems Simulation, Fourth Edition, published by

Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, 2005. He is also

author of the text Getting Started with AutoMod, Second Edition,

published by Brooks Automation in 2004.  He is the co-author of

Introduction to SIMAN V and CINEMA V, published by John Wiley,

New York, in 1995. He is also the co-author of Getting Started

with GPSS/H, Second Edition, published by Wolverine Software

Corporation, Annandale, Virginia, in 1995.  Other titles include

the co authored text Forecasting and Management of Technology

published in 1991 and the single authored text Principles of Quality

Control published in 1989, both by John Wiley, New York.  He is

currently writing, with three co-authors, RFID Applied, to appear

in April, 2007 published by John Wiley.  He teaches short courses

on simulation, RFID, and supply chain management throughout the

world. He was a founding partner in the simulation-consulting firm

Carson/Banks & Associates, Inc. located in Atlanta.  The firm was

purchased by AutoSimulations, Inc. (now part of Brooks Automation)

in May of 1994.  He is a full member of many technical societies

including the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) for which

he served eight years as that organization's representative to

the Board of the Winter Simulation Conference, including two

years as Board Chair.  He is the recipient of the INFORMS College

on Simulation Distinguished Service Award for 1999.  He was named

a Fellow of IIE in 2002. 


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