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I am an Associate Professor in with the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, Chinese University of Hong Kong since 2016. Before joining CUHK, I was previously a Senior Research Associate in the Speech Research Group of the Machine Intelligence Laboratory, Cambridge University Engineering Department.

  • Postdoctoral researcher positions currently available to start in May 2020.
  • Prospective Students

      If you are interested in pursuing a PhD please CONTACT ME. You can find potential topical areas below. Full funding support for suitable PhD candiates are vailable from sources such as the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship, a prestigious award open every year for application. Students from outside Hong Kong and China are also encouraged to apply.
  • Currently accepting PhD applications to start in the academic year 2020.
  • Research Interests

    • Machine learning
    • Large vocabulary continuous speech recognition
    • Language modelling
    • Speech synthesis
    • Speech and language processing
    • Assitive technologies
    • Big data analytics

    Best Papers


    • SEEM4540: Open Systems for E-Commerce (UG: 2019)
    • SEEM5160: Advanced Data Science for Systems Engineering (PhD/MPhil: 2019)
    • ENGG1110: Problem Solving by Programming (Year 1 Undergraduate: 2016, 2017, 2018)
    • ENGG1410: Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus for Engineers (Year 1 Undergraduate: 2016, 2017, 2018)
    • SEEM5330: Speech and Language Processing (PhD/MPhil: 2017, 2018)

    Research Students

    • Shoukang Hu (PhD, from 2017)
    • Shansong Liu (PhD, from 2017)
    • Jianwei Yu (PhD, from 2017)
    • Junhao Xu (PhD, from 2018)
    • Mengzhe Geng (PhD, from 2019)
    • Zi Ye (PhD, from 2019)
    • Xurong Xie (co-supervised PhD at EE Dpt. CUHK from 2015, with Prof. Tan Lee)
    • Rongfeng Su (co-supervised PhD at CAS-CUHK SIAT from 2015, with Prof. Lan Wang)
    • Max Lam (MPhil, 2017-2019, now at Tencent AI Lab, Shenzhen)

    Visiting Students and Interns

    • Cathleen Law, Winnie Liu, Jinze Sha, Zhiyuan Xu (CUED UG Year 1, CUHK hosted Industrial Placement Jul-Sep 2017)
    • Hengfai Chang, Shahang Chen, Calvin Chow, Cindy Lam, Danyi Liu, Yi Wang (CUED UG Year 1 & 2, CUHK hosted Industrial Placement Jul-Sep 2018)

    FYP Students

    • Chamwing Sin, Wingpan So, Haufung Tang (2017)
    • Jiani Chen, Wingchung Lau, Kahei To (2018)

    Research Grants

    • Hong Kong Research Grant Council Theme Based Research Scheme
    • Hong Kong Research Grant Council General Research Fund
    • Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Fund Innovation and Technology Support Programme
    • Hong Kong Jockey Club AI Academy Education Development Grant
    • Shun Hing Institute of Advanced Engineering
    • Microsoft Research Asia Collaborative Research Grant
    • The Chinese University of Hong Kong Direct Allocation Grant


    • HTK Version 3.5 Now supports DNN based acoustic modelling and RNN based language model lattice rescoring.
    • CUED-RNNLM toolkit for efficient GPU parallel training of RNN based statistical language models.

    Completed Projects


    Some of my published or on-going research work may be found here, or on third party sites such as ResearchGate, DPLP, and less reliably in GoogleScholar.

    Contact Information

    Rm. 708, William M.W. Mong Engineering Building
    TEL: +852 3943 8318
    Chinese University of Hong Kong FAX: +852 2603 5505
    Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong Email xyliu@se.cuhk.edu.hk

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