Rate Limit Horde 5 IMP Outgoing Email

See below to rate limit Horde 5 IMP Outgoing Email for each webmail user with 10 recipients / per hour:

1. Logon as admin to Horde 5 , go to Administration -> Group
Create User Groups with higher recipient limit

2. Change Default time limit from 24 hours to 1 hour, go to Configuration -> IMP -> Compose Log
$conf[‘sentmail’][‘params’][‘threshold’] = 60;
$conf[‘sentmail’][‘params’][‘limit_period’] = 1;
$conf[‘sentmail’][‘params’][‘table’] = ‘imp_sentmail’;
$conf[‘sentmail’][‘params’][‘driverconfig’] = ‘horde’;
$conf[‘sentmail’][‘driver’] = ‘Sql’;

3. Rate limit the number of recipients in outgoing Email in Horde imp by creating child permission :
Administration -> Permission -> Add a child permission to -> IMP Permssion :
“Maximum Number of Recipients Per Time Limit (max_timelimit) ”

Change the number to 50 for “All Authenticated Users”, that will restrict users from sending Email to 10 recipients at most within 1 hour :

4. Go to Groups Tab, to change the rate limit value to higher value for groups created in 1.

5. Test by sending Email to more than 10 recipient within an hour, you will get an error message for the 11 recipient:

Ref: Rate Limit Horde 3 IMP Outgoing Email

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