Easy migration from Gallery 1 to 2

I always thought that it will take me few hours to migrate those photo data from Gallery 1 to 2 , as regards my experience in migrating data from old version of Horde imp to newer one.

My migration task goes like this :
– First I install an updated version of Gallery 2.3.1 and install it in a Centos 5.5 box.
– Since I am the only admin user (and the only authenticated user) for this gallery , so there is no need to tackle the migration of user accounts
– Then I copied the old ablums directory from Gallery 1 to /tmp of the new machine , and then start the migration from Site Admin -> Import -> Gallery 1 ->
Type in “/tmp/v1albums” as the “Path to Gallery1 albums directory”

– Select all the albums you need to migrate , and then go

The data migration works like a charm , fast and easy.

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