Rate Limit Horde 3 IMP Outgoing Email

New user tends to fall for phishing Email and disclosing their password , and spammer may able to use their accounts to send out spam mail. So in order to alleviate problem in spamming through Horde IMP , we can rate limit the number of recipients in outgoing Email in Horde imp by creating child permission .

1. Logon as administrator user to Horde imp website -> Administration -> Permission


2. Click add button -> Add a child permission to -> IMP Permssion ->
you should first enable permission for all authenticated users to access and update their mail

3. Add a child permission “Maximum Number of Recipients Per Time Limit (max_timelimit) ” to Mail(IMP) Permission in order to restrict max number of recipients per time limit , in my testing case , the number is 100 and the time limit is set to 1 hour :

(Note: To change default time limit from 24 hours to 1 hours , Go to Administration -> Setup -> IMP -> other Settings -> $conf[sentmail]params][limit_period] = 1 )

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