Win 7: enable,reset administrator account

I’ve got a case that someone ‘s machine running Windows 7 x64 has recently left the Windows domain , but the local built-in administrator account got disabled and he forget about its password anyway . However, he doesn’t have any other accounts with administrators rights.

In order to relogon the machine with administrator account , first create a “Windows 7 System Repair Disc” from any other Win 7 x64 PC by running a command called “recdisc.exe” . Then boot up the target machine with this disc.

After the boot up , the disc will detect that you have a Windows 7 installation in D: (in my case), and then Select “Command Prompt” and type the command “regedit” .

In the registry editing windows , select “HKey_Local_Machine” and then “Load Hive” by selecting “D:\Windows\System32\config\SYSTEM” (It’s D: drive in my case) , Give a name to the newly loaded hive . Then select “Setup” and change value of the following keys :

↑ Modify “SetupType” to ” 2 “

↑ Modify “CmdLine” to “cmd.exe”

After making the changes, unload the hive , and reboot into command prompt :

Then enable the administrator account :
net use administrator /active:yes

Reset the administrator account with new password :
net use administrator [NEW PASSWORD]

Now you can type “exit” to quit and go back to the logon screen . You may now re-login as “administrator” with the new password .

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