Drupal 6 viewscarousel3d

Download and Install the following drupal 6 modules

Access and check the Module list (http://yoursite/admin/build/modules) :


Create a new content type (http://yoursite/admin/content/types/add) with name and type : “carouselpage”
Add a new field with label “photo upload” , Name “field_photo” , Type “File” :


In “Manage fields” tab (http://yoursite/admin/content/node-type/carouselpage/fields/field_photo), ensure to check the box for “Enable custom title text” , and 1 for “Number of values” . Then go to “Display Fields” tab((http://yoursite/admin/content/node-type/carouselpage/display) , set the basic display to “hidden” :

For each image you want to display in carousel , create a new carouselpage (http://yoursite/node/add/carouselpage) for it :

In the body of the new carouselpage , insert the content of the page , like a bigger photo in 640×480 with some annotation . This is the page content whereas you click on the image of carousel to jump to .

Then in File attachments section , for the “photo upload” field , upload the smaller photo image , like 320 x 240 (so that it fit well in the carousel) . Also key in the title field in case it need to be shown in the carousel as well.

Suppose you have 5 photos in the carousel , create 5 similar carouselpages for it.


Now , create a view (http://yoursite/admin/build/views/add) with “carouselview” as view name . Select “3d carousel” as STYLE .

Click the plus symbol next to FIELDS. Choose “Content : photo upload ” to add :

After adding this field , select “None” for Label and “Image linked to node” as format :


Then Select drop-down box under DEFAULTS and choose “BLOCK” , give the block a name (under “block settings”) to save . Enable to show this view by enabling this block in content (http://yoursite/admin/build/block)
To change the behaviour of the 3D carousel , you can further edit the block style by getting back to 3Dcarousel block view , click on “Style : 3D Views Carousel” , and then click settings at the bottom :

Suppose you would like to enable auto-rotation for the 3Dcarousel to the right with a delay of 3000 msec :

Suppose you would like to have a transparent reflection :
Then the output result will be as follows :


When you click on one of the photo in the carousel , a page will be returned:

Note : Since I show this view by enabling this block in content (http://yoursite/admin/build/block) . So every page of this site will show this 3D carousel . To make this 3D carousel only be shown on the frontpage, you can use panels with views. See my next post on it.

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