iDRAC6 & Firefox 10

When I tried to connect to the Dell iDRAC6 web interface from firefox (version I am using : 10.0.2) , I got an error on Secure Connection Failed (Error code: sec_error_reused_issuer_and_serial)

You need to delete the a firefox profile file “cert8.db” to fix it . Exact Location of this file is :


The file “cert8.db” is actually a profile file for storing security certificate settings . After its removal, you can access the iDRAC6 interface now :


After logon and start the virtual console within it :

But that will fail to start with below error :

#### Java Web Start Error :
#### 必須啟用快取記憶體,以取得 nativelib 或 installer-desc 支援


To fix it again , Go to Control Panel -> Java -> 一般 (general tab) ->暫存網際網路暫存 (Temporary Internet Files) -> 設定Settings -> check the box for “在我的電腦上保留暫存暫存(K)”

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