i908 upgrade to WM6.5

My SamSung i908 rom is upgraded from WM6.1 to WM6.5 . It’s 2nd rom upgrade after I purchased it in April 2009 (approx 9 months ago). It’s a nice toy especially I bought it with a real bargain price (less than HK$3000.00)

It’s not a fully successful upgrade because it fails the phone rom upgrade with Jump failed error in USDL GrandPix :


Luckily, it does not ruin the phone capability of it . I can use it even phone firmware version is still : i908ZHIB1 , while the pda version is successfully upgraded to i908ZTIE1/F1. It’s a great relief , as I have read posts in mobile01 and finding some ppls did lost phone capability after an unsuccessful Phone Rom upgrade .

sshot000.png sshot001.png

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